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Webinar on Transitional Challenges in Construction and Real Estate Sector

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Date: Friday, 15 September 2017 17:00 - 18:30

Place: Webinar


GST Transitional Challenges - Construction and Real Estate Sector

This webinar will address to all the transitional challenges connected with the Construction and Real Estate Sector. It is seen that the construction sector is facing some typical issues and there is a strong need to address them before one file the transitional forms. Practical examples of WIP valuation and Contract Negotiation strategies would be discussed to make the programme really interesting.

The following issues would be covered:

1. Credit lying in Returns

2. Issues pertaining to C/F Forms

3. Challenges in taking Excise Duty and VAT credits

4. Challenges in assessment of Work in Progress

5. Uncovered Transitional Issues and possible way out

6. Challenges in Contract Negotiations and automation through 

GST Builder

7. Misc Issues


CA Sandesh Mundra

Sandesh is the Chairman of the GST Committee of the Builders' Association of India and has represented upon tax issues connected with construction sector at various multiple forums. Besides he and his team have authored several books in the field of Construction Controls, Indirect Tax issues connected with Construction and Real Estate Sector. He has so far conducted more than 100 programmes on several topics of professional interest including several of them on GST - biggest game changing tax reform of India.

Webinar Details
Date:- 15/09/2017
Time:- 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Fees:- Rs 500/-

Reviews from Webinar Participants

(-) "Good information with takeaways I can start using."

(-) "Directly addressed the areas I audit. Loved seeing the cost recoveries."

(-) "Instructor was knowledgeable and to the point."

(-) "Great examples to demonstrate and explain the points."

(-) "Mr. Sandesh was very informative and he used good real life examples."

Consult Construction
304, Super Plaza, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Phone:  9925019498 / 079-40032950

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We are Ahmedabad based professional consulting firm. We are providing various services to Construction, Real Estate and Project Companies in various areas like Indirect Taxation – Service Tax & Multi state VAT consultancy, ERP implementation, Site & Management audit, Designing Tender & other related contractual documents etc.