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Material Inward verification & Posting

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Following conditions should be fulfilled for all kind of inward like Purchases, Client FIM, Intersite & Loan basis materials:

  1. Documents are required to be completed e.g. Challan / Packing list / Any specific format followed for Intersite material movement / Excise Gate pass / LR / Weight slip / Royalty Challan / Test certificates / PO copy or PO references / Tax Invoice / Statutory forms (If any);
  2. Name & Address of Consignee and Consigner on challan / other documents;
  3. Unique reference numbers of all attached supplier documents. All changes are required to be authorized.
  4. Main / Material Gate inward stamp with Date, Time, Vehicle number, Reference / Serial number as per material gate inward register / System and Security person should sign the challan or other documents.
  5. In respect of material quantity and rate, it should be weighed and actual quantity should be mentioned in challan and weight slip should be attached (for example Unit of Measurement in Kg or MT).
  6. Sand, Aggregate and bolder should preferably be purchased on CFT basis and it should be measured each time by store person.
  7. To ensure exact quantity and quality verification, no material shall be dumped / allowed without pre intimation to store.
  8. Store needs to ensure whether all requirements of PO from  store viewpoint have been fulfilled;
  9. After verification of material and documents, Stores should  put Material received stamp, received date and time, receiver signature and Name of site & location where material is received;
  10. Material GRN / Inward reference number from system or manual register should be mentioned on challan / document after its posting.
  11. Comment / Remark required in case of discrepancies found for Quantity & Quality of Item by material receiver. Same should be communicated in presence of material carrier  to supplier concerned to avoid any dispute later on.
  12. Reject Note required with detailed reason in case of material does not meet the PO standard.
  13. Received one copy should be returned to material carrier.
  14. Out time and date should be mentioned in challan / other document by security after checking of carriers vehicle.
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